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Caddens Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Projects in Caddens NSW

Caddens Real Estate

Located 48 kilometres West of the Sydney CBD and making up part of the Penrith City Council, lays a well planned and gentrified suburb filled with young families and professionals called Caddens. Penrith City has an estimated total population of 220,000 and 82,000 dwellings in 2021 and has seen an increase in residential developments in recent years. With brand new, state of the art facilities and developments, Caddens NSW has attracted a diverse range of both people and businesses.

Caddens has quickly become an extremely popular location for those looking to live in The Western Suburbs of Sydney and enjoy all that the area has to offer such as; generous house and land packages, ease of access to the CBD and room to raise a family. With a great  mixture of residential developments and commercial premises, the Penrith City area is rapidly becoming a central hub being increasingly well-connected to both the Sydney CBD and the Parramatta CBD via public transport.

Let’s take a deeper look at what Caddens NSW has to offer its residents, with the Penrith City area experiencing strong growth and continuous growth, you are sure to see valuable houses for sale in Caddens, Caddens real estate and Caddens house and land packages.


Benefits of Living in the Caddens

The suburb of Caddens has a lot to offer its residents, from various transport options, sporting and entertainment facilities, brand new shopping centres and excellent schools and education facilities among other great attractions to the area.


Caddens has many transport options, especially for the everyday commuter. Despite being a way away from the Sydney CBD, the transport infrastructure built around the Western Suburbs is quite speedy. If you fancy catching the train, Caddens has access to the Kingswood station which is conveniently positioned on express train lines to the CBD.

There are also various bus routes that can take you virtually anywhere you wish (including train stations), which is quite convenient. 

If you enjoy your space and want to drive for your commute, there are major motorways and main roads at your doorstep, such the M4 and A44 which can take you to the Eastern suburbs in under an hour and the A9 which allows you to travel north and south.

Travel into Sydney CBD is just over an hour and travel into Parramatta CBD is just over 30 mins  which is good news for those with CBD work commutes or even a night out in the city. You might even be able to catch an express train at certain times which will reduce travel times by roughly 10-15 mins.

Amenities & Shopping

With all the new developments in Caddens, you won’t run out of things to keep you busy through the week or on the weekends. Depending on what you like to do there is an option for anyone or any family. This includes things to see and do, eat, shopping, parks and playgrounds, outdoor activities and aquatic adventures.

To start us off, if you are a bit foodie you would be excited to visit Caddens Corner, which is a substantial dining destination to treat yourself and the family. With over 10 different places to choose from, which leaves you spoilt for choice. Some popular eateries include PoppiTino, Caffe & Co  and Sehaj Indian Food & Bar  – which are all great options so we suggest you visit all three. 

If you prefer more active or outdoor pastimes you will absolutely adore Caddens Park which is filled with slides and playground equipment for the kids to enjoy. It is also toddler friendly, has ample parking and seating as well as barbeque stations. There are also 6 other parks to take yourself or kids out for some outdoor activities.

The Caddens Corner community is an active community that holds events most weekends such as the recent Diwali festivities, Melbourne Cup giveaways, Farm Day for the kids and the famous Cars Under The Stars night time car show.

Schools & Education

Caddens is home to some great schools and learning facilities which is perfect for those conscious of raising a family. First on the list is Claremont Meadows Public School, second is Prepare Early Education Centre and Kingswood High School. Western Sydney University Kingswood Campus which is great for the kids after they graduate highschool. 

There are also great education facilities like music schools, sporting schools and engineering schools.


Caddens NSW Real Estate Profile

As the suburb continues to develop and gentrify, there will continue to be more and more opportunities to invest into the suburb. There are already a few houses for sale in Caddens and even more house and land packages in Caddens which is exciting for anyone interested in the area. Caddens is unique in that it has the magnetic power of bringing together people from various backgrounds to join a community of students, young family and professionals.


Currently, there is still room for housing developments so it is a great time to consider Caddens house and land packages because an opportunity like this is quite rare. With NSW continuing to grow and develop, Caddens seems to be a suburb that is full of potential considering the above attributes, the previously mentioned amenities and proximity to central hubs such as Penrith, Parramatta and even the Sydney CBD. 

There will continue to be developments in this area so starting to look at real estate in Caddens may be the first step in achieving the Australian dream for many Australians in NSW.

As of October, 2022, the median price for houses for sale in Caddens is $1,100,000 with an 18.0% positive month on month growth trend over the past 12 months. The average rental price is $650 per week with an 8.30% positive month on month growth trend over the past 12 months.



At HYG, our goal is to give you world-class results in residential and commercial design and have proudly launched our first development in Caddens, with a number of house and land packages available. If you’re looking for a residential oasis that seamlessly blends streetscapes, outdoor spaces and the standards of a contemporary lifestyle into a thriving community at the foot of the Blue Mountain, view the newly launched Westwood Estate Project.