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Remove Stamp Duty in NSW

Labor To Abolish Stamp Duty In NSW

Remove Stamp Duty in NSW

Recent RBA cash rate increases have left many Australians on red alert, with housing becoming more and more unaffordable. Last month’s election results seem to offer some relief for housing affordability, however, with the appointment of Labor leader Chris Minns as new leader. It is particularly good news for new home buyers in NSW, as the Labor Party has announced they will be removing stamp duty charges for first home buyers under their new housing affordability scheme.


The high cost of housing in NSW has made it difficult for many young Australians to buy a home, and the tax levied on real estate transactions in the form of stamp duty has only increased the burden. The NSW Labour Party’s planned housing policies intend to reduce the financial burden associated with buying a home in NSW, and increase home ownership opportunities for first-time purchasers.


The announcement has been met with mixed reactions. Some are applauding the move as a much-needed step towards addressing the housing affordability crisis in NSW, however, experts have warned that the removal of stamp duty could increase home prices and worsen the affordability situation. These concerns remain speculative at this stage, as we have previously seen similar stamp duty concessions introduced with no major negative effects.


Let’s take a look at the implications of this policy, the potential benefits, what’s on offer, who will benefit, and its overall impact on the NSW housing market. We will also delve into the recent NSW Labor Party election win, exploring some of the other housing affordability policies.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or someone interested in the housing market, keep reading to learn more about this exciting development and its potential impact on the housing market.


Stamp Duty in NSW


The NSW government imposes a tax known as stamp duty on the purchase of real estate. The price paid for the property, its use as a primary residence or as an investment, and the type of property being bought (land, apartment, house, etc.) all factor into how much stamp duty is due. Homebuyers may incur large costs from stamp duty, which is normally paid at settlement. The NSW government utilises the money collected from stamp duty to pay for infrastructure and public services.


Stamp duty is often a big barrier for many home purchases – especially for first home buyers – as it can be quite expensive considering the current prices of homes. This is why we have seen governments introduce policies that address stamp duty.

Last year, the previous Premier, Dominic Perrottet, introduced a policy that allowed first-time home buyers purchasing properties under $1.5 million to have a choice between paying upfront stamp duty or an ongoing $400 property tax plus 0.3% of the property’s land value. With their election win in March, the Labor Party leader Chris Minns plans on introducing a policy that will remove stamp duty altogether for thousands of first home buyers across the state.

Abolishing & Reducing Stamp Duty For First Home Buyers


The proposed policy by the Labor Party is short and sweet for first home buyers. Labor will completely eliminate stamp duty for first-time homebuyers purchasing a house up to $800,000, and a concession rate for first-time homebuyers purchasing a property up to $1,000,000. The Labor government has often referred to Perrottet’s stamp duty reform as a “forever tax” for families purchasing their first home, which is why they are proposing a reform that completely removes stamp duty.


According to independent analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), an additional 27,700 first-time homebuyers will avoid paying any stamp duty at all during the first three years of Labor’s proposals, and an additional 18,800 first-time homebuyers would only pay a significantly reduced rate. The good news is that an estimated 95% of all first home buyers in New South Wales will pay a reduced rate, or no tax at all, under Labor’s plan when they buy their first home.

Benefits Of No Stamp Duty To First Home Buyers


The reduction in upfront cost of buying a property is one of the most important benefits of eliminating stamp duty for first-time home purchasers. For many young Australians, stamp duty is a significant barrier to home ownership because it can increase the cost of purchasing a home by tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to purchase, now is the perfect time to buy, as delaying could mean that you miss out on this great opportunity.


The NSW government can make it simpler for first-time home purchasers to enter the real estate market, providing them the chance to develop wealth and financial security through home ownership by eliminating stamp duty. This is extremely important when the increased cost of living in the current market is considered. 


With the removal of stamp duty, first-time home buyers will have more purchasing power, which could increase demand for homes in more affordable parts of the NSW housing market. We could also see the construction industry stimulated by more homes being built, which could see a rise in employment as a result.  


A rise in the demand for homes at the lower end of the market may also assist to address the housing supply constraint, which may eventually result in more affordable property values across the state. Removing stamp duty for first home buyers could also have broader economic benefits. Encouraging more people to enter the property market could boost consumer confidence and spending, which, in turn, could help to stimulate economic growth and create jobs across the wider economy, potentially helping address the current cost of living crisis.


The NSW Labor Party’s proposal to remove stamp duty for first home buyers will help address the housing affordability crisis we are currently facing, potentially having a substantial influence on the housing market, and making home ownership more accessible for young Australians. 

First-time homebuyers will have more money available to put towards their deposit, which is sometimes the biggest barrier when it comes to purchasing a home. 


By eliminating this upfront expense, it is a step in the right direction in tackling the home affordability crisis and offering assistance to new buyers who are having difficulty breaking into the real estate market in NSW.

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