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Commercial Property Projects in Sydney by HYG

Commercial Property Projects in Sydney

Commercial Property Projects in Sydney by HYG

Commercial Property Projects in Sydney

Commercial property projects in Sydney and New South Wales were expected to take a massive hit at the start of the covid pandemic as workplaces shifted and adjusted to the needs of the pandemic, with many expecting that this trend would be permanent. As the pandemic has worn on and life has gotten back to a new normal, it has become clear that even though there were changes early on and confidence levels have not returned to their previous pandemic levels, there are still major areas of opportunity for commercial property developments in Sydney and beyond and an increased demand for Western Sydney commercial property developers.

There are many factors that should be taken into account and consideration when planning, building and investing in commercial property, some of these include;

  • Amenities – what kind of amenities are needed for the development? Is there a requirement to include multi-level underground car parks?
  • Are green spaces and shared common areas important?
  • Location – is the location easily accessible, and is close to transportation hubs making it more convenient for attracting businesses.
  • Usability and variety – is there the opportunity to attract multiple types of commercial businesses for office use e.g. those looking for open plan and those who aren’t?

HYG have been involved in a number of commercial property developments and refurbishments across Greater Sydney and New South Wales and a variety of commercial developments from pure office space to mixed retail. Read on to see some of our favourite commercial property developments.

Commercial Property Projects in Parramatta

Known as Sydney’s second CBD or the CBD of the West, Parramatta bridges the gap between Western Sydney and the areas that are closer and more accessible to the traditional CBD, with the area as a whole having grown into a major business and transportation hub over the past decade to twenty years. As a way of stimulating growth in the area and due to a shifting location of the workforce away from more traditional city areas, a number of large commercial businesses have relocated their head offices from the traditional CBD to Parramatta, this includes a number of government organisations such as Sydney Water who moved their headquarters to the area, and this has seen an increase in the need for Western Sydney commercial property developers

HYG have been lucky enough to have been involved in a number of commercial property projects in Parramatta in recent times, these include the 16-18 Wentworth St and 27 Argyle St.

16-18 Wentworth St is an exciting new business space in the heart of Parramatta and is located within close proximity of the train and bus interchange and with the popular Westfield being only 200 metres away. HYG have been involved in the major upgrade and refurbishment of this office facility with fitted out open plan options and a combination of small suites and entire floors currently being available for lease.

27 Argyle St combines contemporary commercial design in a convenient central location being located next to the Parramatta Westfield and only a short walk from the train and bus interchanges. The 11-storey building contains a generous carpark with space for 120 cars and a floor area of approximately 10,399 square metres, with the potential to be redeveloped into a state-of-the-art high rise commercial office building.

Commercial Property Projects in Chatswood

Due to its central location and being located in the middle and heart of Sydney’s North Shore, Chatswood has been a major hub of commercial activity for decades and more recently for residential activity due to its proximity to major transportation and amenities such as a Westfield shopping centre and multiple schools. With the Pacific Highway running through Chatswood and the upgrades to the train station and interchange, the area is now more desirable than ever for commercial development and activities.

HYG have been privileged to be involved in commercial property projects within Chatswood and helping grow the commercial and business capabilities of the area, the project at 845 Pacific Highway is a perfect example of this with an endless potential coupled with extraordinary architectural design. This site offers room for future development opportunities with the potential to accommodate up to 38 levels of office space with office views sweeping over nearby national parks and bushland.

Commercial Property Projects in Liverpool

Dubbed as Sydney’s third CBD in the ever expanding and growing area of Western Sydney, Liverpool has seen significant investments from both private enterprise and governments alike to build the commercial capacity and attractiveness of the region. In 2018 the Liverpool City Council even rezoned 25 hectares of land for commercial purposes and to encourage new businesses and retail viability within the area with the prospects of also growing the residential population and livability within the area with over $1 billion worth of projects and developments underway.

HYG have been lucky enough to be involved with commercial property projects in the Liverpool CBD with the 211 Northumberland St project, which combines incredible commercial opportunities and capacities in a traditional building structure with easy access to major local amenities including Westfield Liverpool.

Commercial Property Projects in New South Wales

Even though Sydney is the commercial capital of the city and in fact all of Australia, commercial development opportunities are arising all over New South Wales as new infrastructure projects such as railways and major roads developments as well as the proposed construction of airports bring us closer than ever before. There are a number of growing business hubs and areas of commercial development happening all over New South Wales, such as the ever-growing region in Sydney’s North West and beyond.

Newcastle, in being the largest regional city in New South Wale has seen an increase in commercial activity in recent times as it evolves from just being an area of coal mining and for ships to load and unload to becoming a thriving city and commercial area within its own rights.

HYG have been thrilled to be involved in project of Newcastle’s newest A-grade commercial building the 727 HQ Project at 727 Hunter St in Newcastle West. This sleek building is located extremely close to major transport hubs and has a number of promising business opportunities with a 15-story building consisting of more than 11,000 metres of commercial space that will cater for more than 1,000 employees and topped off with an area for two retail spaces.


If you’re looking for an experienced and expert commercial property developer in Sydney or New South Wales with a proven track record on a large variety of commercial developments and projects, contact the dedicated team at HYG today and let us be a part of your project.